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Why should you charter a new yacht in 2023?

Chartering a new or recently built yacht can be an excellent choice for those looking for a luxurious and unforgettable holiday experience on the French Riviera. Whether you want to enjoy a short trip to the Lerinns Islands or a longer trip to St-Tropez or Monaco, here are some reasons why you should consider chartering a new yacht:

Luxury and comfort

A new yacht is likely to be equipped with the latest in luxury amenities (reclining sunbeds, folding balconies, hi-lo swim platform etc.) and technology, ensuring that your day charter is both comfortable and indulgent: check out our new Okean 55 luxury day boat.

State-of-the-art equipment

New yachts are likely to be equipped with the latest in navigation and safety equipment, making your trip both safe and stress-free. For exemple, gyro stabilizers provide comfort at sea and safety while underway.

A lower fuel consumption

Fuel is expensive in France in 2023 at more than 2.3 euros per litre including port taxes, TICPE and French VAT at 20%. New yachts are often fitted with compact and more fuel efficient diesel engines than older yachts. Why not save money on the fuel and reduce your impact on the environment?

General arrangement

It is no secret that newer yachts have an optimised deck layout, often offering more space to relax than older yachts of the same length. Folding balconies, for example, are ideal for extending outdoor space and connecting with the sea.

Browse a small selection of new yachts for day charter.

New Del Pardo 50 day charter
Large swim platform on Del Pardo 50
April 21, 2023 Day Charter 101
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